About 2 Hungry Birds

Welcome to 2 Hungry Birds – A site about recipes and gourmet snacks, and the inevitable outcome of a decades-long friendship between two Danish Asians with a shared passion for good food.

Tina and Sanne went to highschool together, and while they both have Asian backgrounds, they were in different classes. They would meet at parties, they would talk, and they would laugh, but it wasn’t until years later that they became real friends. 

That happens, when they accidentally bump into each other in the line outside Magnolia Bakery in New York City. Tina is now an architect and has moved to Brooklyn with her husband, while Sanne is working as an airline pilot and is visiting NYC with a group of friends. They all decide to go out for drinks the next evening. It’s incredible, what a round of Jägerbombs can do, and after a fun night out, Tina and Sanne are both determined to stay in touch.


About 2 Hungry Birds
About 2 Hungry Birds

The next time Tina and Sanne meet is in Tokyo, where dinner at a chicken restaurant turns into drinks and jazz at the New York Bar, followed by hours of very late night karaoke. After that night, their friendship is sealed.

Tina and Sanne soon discover their common interest in good food. Tina enjoys cooking and recipe development, and starts a recipe blog. Sanne is traveling the world, exploring local cuisines and sharing her adventures on her food and travel blog Mitzie Mee. Whenever Sanne is visiting New York (which happens often), they would make sure to meet over food, either in Tina’s kitchen, or at one of the city’s up-and-coming restaurants.


In 2018 Tina starts her company Hungry Bird Eats, developing her very own take on Danish knækbrød (crisp bread). After a challenging start, Hungry Bird Eats finally takes off, and the brand is now available at more than 400 retail stores throughout the country.

Fast forward to 2023. For a long time, Tina and Sanne have been talking about starting a business together, but it isn’t until one late June afternoon at Tina’s bakery, that they finally come up with the idea for 2 Hungry Birds, a site that combines their love of food with an online shop, showcasing really good food from awesome brands with a story to tell.

Tina is a product person, Sanne is a people person. Tina can spend hours refining her recipes and fine-tuning the processes in her bakery, while Sanne doesn’t mind diving into spreadsheets and number crushing. Tina is cooking, while Sanne holds the camera, and now, they are joining forces.

About 2 Hungry Birds
About 2 Hungry Birds

We love good food and on our site, we will be sharing delicious recipes, all tried, tested, and tasted. Follow along for kitchen adventures around the world, and learn how to cook delicious, authentic food. Many of the recipes have been passed down through generations (grandma food is the best!), and there are videos to help you recreate everything you see, in your own kitchen.

We don’t want fancy kitchen gadgets and difficult-to-find ingredients to scare you off, so we always suggest substitutes and easier ways of doing things, whenever possible, without compromising on tastiness. We want cooking to be fun, and we want you to start cooking too!

Also, while you’re here, don’t forget to check out our delicious shop >>

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