Jalapeño & Lime Jam

Blake Hill Preserves
10 oz


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Locally grown organic chilis from Honey Field Farm take center stage in this enticing jam from Blake Hill. The jalapeños are skillfully blended with the zesty punch of fresh limes, the crisp crunch of cucumbers, and the tangy embrace of apple cider vinegar. Just a touch of pure cane sugar adds a subtle sweetness, resulting in a medium heat chili jam that’s bursting with rich, invigorating, and downright tantalizing flavors.

This versatile culinary gem is your secret weapon for turning everyday dishes into extraordinary culinary creations. It doubles as a mouthwatering glaze for swordfish, steaks, or salmon, and it’s equally adept at transforming into a delicious crema when paired with sour cream, or why not elevate your cornbread with a bold twist that will have your taste buds singing.

Delicious served as a dipping sauce with Perkedel Jagung, Indonesian Corn Fritters. Recipe here >>

2 Hungry Birds – Sanne: I love that this jam is hot and sweet at the same time. It’s delicious as a dipping sauce for fried chicken or fresh spring rolls.

Fresh jalapeno chili peppers, cane sugar, apple cider vinegar, cucumbers, limes, fruit pectin.



About Blake Hill

Blake Hill offers a unique range of sweet and savory jams infused with honey, liquors, herbs, or spices that are specifically designed to complement different types of cheese. Each variety has the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, a luscious texture, and a distinct, complex flavor profile that highlights the quintessential characteristics of particular cheeses, from classic cheddar to creamy goat cheese and bold, beautiful blues.