Sweet Uji Barista Matcha Latte Blend

10 servings


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Experience the delight of making a luxurious and sweet Matcha Latte right in your own kitchen. This delicious blend is crafted with finely milled powdered sugar and exclusive single-origin Matcha from Shirakawa, Uji, in Kyoto, Japan. The mix dissolves effortlessly and allows you to easily prepare cafe-grade Matcha Lattes at home.

How to make matcha latte:

Sift 2g of Sweet Uji Barista Matcha into a large cup

Add 30ml hot water at 75°C (167°F.)

Whisk for 15 seconds

For hot matcha latte: Warm and steam your milk of choice. Add the matcha/hot water mixture.

For iced matcha latte: Fill a glass with ice. Add your favorite milk, leave room for the matcha. Add the matcha/hot water mixture on top and stir.


0.7 oz (20g) – 10 servings

About the Uji Barista Matcha: The Uji Barista (バリスタ) Matcha redefines traditional standards of Barista-grade matcha, particularly in culinary applications. Uniquely ground using authentic Japanese stone mills, it contrasts the common industrial ball mill method used for most culinary matchas. This matcha originates genuinely from Shirakawa, Uji, Japan, challenging the prevalent practice where “Uji” labeled matcha often comes from nearby areas like Wazuka. It employs a superior tana shading structure instead of the typical direct Jikagise method, resulting in a rich, savory flavor enhanced by an extended 40-day shading process. Surpassing many ceremonial-grade matchas in quality, it offers an exceptional yet affordable option for various culinary uses, including mixed drinks and traditional Matcha Usucha.


About Ooika

Ooika, based in the U.S., specializes in producing single-origin Matcha using traditional Japanese stone mills. This method, though labor-intensive, ensures the highest quality and freshness, with a mere 30 grams of Matcha produced per hour. Ooika sources its Matcha directly from esteemed tea farmers across Japan, fostering personal relationships that guarantee authenticity and excellence.

Dedicated to preserving the ancient art of Matcha production, Ooika’s approach makes this traditional tea accessible to Western audiences. The company stands out for its commitment to single-cultivar Matcha, highlighting the unique characteristics of each Japanese tea. Sourced from renowned Japanese terroirs, Ooika’s Matcha offers a glimpse into the diverse microclimates and rich histories of these regions.

With a focus on handpicked, traditionally harvested Matcha, Ooika ensures a rare and exquisite product. The company also emphasizes education, offering a curated collection of Matcha for connoisseurs to explore. Their detailed labeling provides transparency, showcasing the tea’s origin, cultivar, and vintage, underlining Ooika’s passion for clarity and quality in the world of Matcha.