60% Ghana Smoked Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

1.8 oz


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The 60% Smoked Sea Salt Dark Chocolate is really something special. The dark chocolate is sourced from Ghana and has a subtle sweetness with discernible notes of honey and vanilla. Elevated by the addition of Bourbon-barrel smoked sea salt from Bulls Bay Saltworks, this tablet is anything but ordinary. The chocolate itself is rich and sumptuous, and when combined with the smoky complexity of the sea salt, the result is a multi-layered tasting experience and a unique balance of sweet and savory, where high-quality ingredients come together.

1.8 oz. (50g ) bar
Cocoa Origin: ABOCFA, Suhum, Ghana
Tasting Notes: honey, vanilla, hickory
Ingredients: cocoa nibs, cocoa butter, cane sugar, smoked sea salt
Storage: Store in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight.

2 Hungry Birds – Sanne: This chocolate is not for everyone, but if you like the chocolate-salt combination, you would most definitely enjoy the fine grains of sea salt, which are sprinkled on the back of the tablet.


About Lumineux

Lumineux is a small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolate brand based in Greenville SC. The founders, Ben and Becca Snyder, both have extensive experience from the restaurant industry. Ben is a pastry chef and a baker, and Becca is a cake decorator and a baker, and the common love for chocolate led to the launch of Lumineux.

Lumineux was started to showcase cocoa beans not widely used in the United States. High quality cocoa beans are imperative for making good chocolate, and we carefully select the best, most flavorful, but often underestimated, cocoa beans from all over Asia and Africa. Lumineux only works with farms and cooperatives with fair, sustainable practices in place, contributing to the economic development of the local communities.