French Onion With Rosemary

Blake Hill Preserves
10 oz


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Here’s another masterpiece from Blake Hill Preserves; the French Onion with Rosemary jam. Crafted with inspiration drawn from the iconic flavors of a quintessential French Onion Soup, this is a true adventure for the senses.

Every jar begins its journey with onions, simmered tenderly overnight. Brown sugar weaves in a subtle sweetness while apple cider vinegar adds a tangy note. The magic doesn’t end here. The aromatic rosemary intertwines gracefully with the nutty hints of toasted caraway seeds, conjuring up an irresistible aroma and flavor profile, and the following day, a generous splash of bourbon is introduced, infusing the jam with its rich depth and charisma.

This jam pairs well with Alpine-style cheeses. Stir the jam into a Macaroni and Gruyere Cheese and get ready to explore new gourmet heights.

2 Hungry Birds – Sanne: Try this jam as a topping to whipped goat cheese. It’s delicious!

Onions, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, bourbon whiskey, herbs / spices, sea salt, fruit pectin.



About Blake Hill

Blake Hill offers a unique range of sweet and savory jams infused with honey, liquors, herbs, or spices that are specifically designed to complement different types of cheese. Each variety has the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, a luscious texture, and a distinct, complex flavor profile that highlights the quintessential characteristics of particular cheeses, from classic cheddar to creamy goat cheese and bold, beautiful blues.