Coconut Sugar – Organic & Fine Grain

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Searching for an alternative to refined white sugar that really delivers? Allow me to introduce you to Supernatural Coconut Sugar! This sugar is derived from the nectar of organic coconut blossoms and is celebrated for its user-friendliness, mild impact on blood sugar levels, and superb flavor, making it a perfect substitute for refined sugar. If you’re wondering, it doesn’t have a coconut flavor. Instead, coconut sugar imparts a caramel-like richness that blends effortlessly into recipes without any adjustments needed—1 cup of refined sugar equals one cup of coconut sugar.

Supernatural Coconut Sugar includes a prebiotic fiber called inulin, which aids in moderating sugar absorption, thus minimizing the chance of sugar crashes—think of it as a smarter version of sugar.

Ideal for baking—be it cookies or muffins—Supernatural Coconut Sugar also enhances my lattes (both coffee and matcha) with its delightful caramel-like taste. It’s unrefined, organically produced, and sustainably harvested, making it a superb choice over refined white sugar.

Available in a 16 oz/1 lb package.

About Supernatural

Supernatural Kitchen fosters culinary innovation by providing baking ingredients that are vibrant, vegan, and devoid of artificial colors, preservatives, and allergens. The company prides itself on using plant-based colors, ensuring their products are both safe and eco-friendly. Established with the aim of boosting kitchen creativity without sacrificing health, Supernatural Kitchen has advanced significantly in offering concentrated, durable, and natural color solutions for baking enthusiasts. Their commitment is deeply rooted in quality, sustainability, and building a baking community that cherishes creativity and healthy options.