Sour Peach Fish

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The Sour Peach Fish is a vegan, gluten-free, naturally colored, gourmet gummy made in Sweden. The Sour Peach Fish is more than just a candy; it’s also a heartfelt homage to one of America’s most beloved desserts: the peach cobbler. The Sour Peach gummies are bursting with the luscious flavor of peaches, and subtle notes of fresh apricots, creating just the right mix of sour and sweet.

2 Hungry Birds – Sanne: Sour, sweet and completely irresistible. Say hello to your new addiction!

Made in Sweden

Net Weight 5.2 OZ (150g)


INGREDIENTS: Sugar, invert sugar, water, syrup, corn starch, citric acid, tartaric acid, black carrot concentrate, natural flavor peach type, natural flavor apricot type, coconut oil, carnauba wax


Gluten-free & vegan



From the founders: The magical world of BonBon NYC was founded in 2018 by friends Bobby, Leo and Selim to sweeten and revolutionize the US candy world; through a love for their homeland and its sweet and savory treats. On our journey since launching our Lower East Side retail location, community events and online efforts; we have become the bona fide destination for anyone with a sweet or savory tooth for Scandinavian treats.