Chai Masala with Extra Ginger

Anjali’s Cup
2 oz


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Elevate any cup of black tea with Anjali’s Extra Ginger Chai Masala—a robust spice mix specially crafted for those seeking an energizing zing in their daily brew. This meticulously blended formula fuses the classics—ginger, cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon—with an inventive twist that incorporates fennel seeds, black pepper, and a house-made turmeric mix. Decades of Anjali’s culinary experience culminate in this rich tapestry of flavors that serves to both awaken the senses and soothe the spirit.

Every ingredient in this spice mix is sourced organically, featuring an additional infusion of organic ginger for an extra zesty kick. For those who prioritize ethical sourcing, the spices are procured from Burlap & Barrel, known for their single-origin, fair-trade, and organic offerings, combined with Anjali’s house-ground turmeric powder.

Aside from being a vibrant flavor enhancer, this chai masala brings along the subtle health benefits of turmeric. With roughly 60 mg per serving, the spice blend allows users to enjoy the cumulative wellness effects of this golden root over time.

Tin, 2 oz size, makes up to 75 cups of chai 


Preparation is straightforward: simply stir in ¼ teaspoon of the blend into strong black tea, adding milk and sweeteners to your liking, then serve either steaming hot or chilled. While it harmonizes particularly well with robust Assam tea, this versatile mix is also a delicious addition to shakes, matcha, cider, and even cocoa. Beyond beverages, it spices up cookies, cakes, and various other treats, making it an all-round kitchen essential for those keen on a flavor-packed, soul-warming experience.



About Anjali’s Cup

Anjali’s Cup offers a range of health-focused drink mixes and spice blends. The brand is particularly known for turmeric elixirs and masala chai concentrates, all geared towards wellness and crafted from sustainably sourced ingredients. Anjali’s Cup champions authentic Indian flavors and wellness practices, with a commitment to crafting products that are not only healthy but also incorporate the rich culinary heritage of India.