Pure Sea Salt Slide Tins – 3-pack

Jacobsen Salt Co.
3 x 0.42 oz


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The Pure Sea Salt from Jacobsen Salt Co. is a culinary gem meticulously sourced from the cold waters of the Oregon Coast. The salt is hand-harvested using artisanal methods similar to those used for Jacobsen Salt Co.’s renowned Pure Flake Sea Salt, this finely-grained variant delivers the same iconic briny taste without a hint of bitterness. Excelling in a broad spectrum of uses—from seasoning and brining to baking, boiling, cooking, and pickling—this salt is a true kitchen essential. What’s more, it’s even versatile enough to act as a finishing touch to your gourmet dishes.

Not just confined to the kitchen, Jacobsen’s Pure Kosher Sea Salt is also the perfect travel companion for those seeking gourmet salt on the go. The small slide tin fits in your pocket or your handbag and conveniently allows you to bring a touch of artisanal seasoning to your meals, wherever your travels may take you.

3-pack – 3 x 0.42 oz slide tins