Salty Classic Caramels

Jacobsen Salt Co.


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Satisfy your sweet tooth and your salty cravings all at once! Jacobsen Salty Classic Caramels—the perfect balance of sweet, buttery richness and a hint of sea salt.

The story of caramel is as rich as its flavor, with the very first recipe tracing its origins back over 1000 years. Adding salt to caramel was originally a French thing, but at Jacobsen, they have perfected a version that is on par with the very best.

It begins at the very core with the purest of ingredients: Jacobsen sea salt. This isn’t just any salt, but one sustainably harvested from the pristine waters of Netarts Bay on the Oregon coast. This precious ingredient sets the stage for the magic that follows.Sugar and butter are toasted to a perfect golden brown, and heavy cream is then gently folded in.

The result is nothing short of a masterpiece: a creamy, chewy caramel with bright, briny sparks of sea salt. Great as a gift, but you might want to order two, so you have one pack for your own consumption too.


2 Hungry Birds – Sanne: I love the buttery, salty flavor of these little gems. The wrapping gives them a homemade, rustic touch that I really like. Put them in a nice little bowl and tell people that you’ve made them yourself:)