Sun-dried Tomato Vegetable Soup Mix

Soup of Success


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The Soup of Success Sun-Dried Tomato Vegetable Soup Mix is a sophisticated blend featuring the rich, sun-kissed flavors of sun-dried tomatoes, complemented by carrots, rice, green bell pepper, onion, and leek. For an extra kick, the soup mix is expertly seasoned with S.a.l.t. Sisters Sun-Dried Tomato Chili Rub & Seasoning.

The finished soup serves 6 persons and creating a hearty and fulfilling meal has never been easier. To complete this culinary masterpiece, simply add 8 cups of chicken broth, 1 teaspoon of cane sugar, one can of tomato puree, and 12-16 oz of chicken. Ideal for those evenings when inspiration is scarce, this soup mix is a pantry must-have. Serve it with warm bread or crackers on the side, and you’ve got a filling, savory meal that will satisfy both palate and soul.

10oz soup mix. Yields a large pot of soup. Serves 6 people.


How to make the Sun-dried Tomato Vegetable Soup


Remove the seasoning packet from the bag. Put chicken broth and contents of seasoning packet in a large pot on medium-high heat and bring to a boil.

Add in contents of soup bag and tomato puree.

Cover and simmer for 18-20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Add cooked chicken and cook for an additional minute.


About Soup of Success

Founded in 1997 by Church Community Services, Soup of Success has been steadfast in its mission to address the root causes of poverty and empower marginalized women. Initiated in a basement with just one participant and a single product, the program has evolved significantly under the enduring leadership of Betsy Ayrea. Relocating to larger spaces over the years, the program has expanded its curriculum to include a range of life skills. Operating as an intensive 20-week course, Soup of Success remains committed to its core focus: empowering women through education and resources to improve self-esteem, independence, and quality of life.