Dumplings with Mama Teav’s Hot Garlic Chili Crisp

10-minute meal: Dumplings with Chili Crisp

Looking for a quick and tasty lunch or dinner? Here’s a great idea: Cook some of your favorite frozen dumplings. Drizzle with chopped scallions and Mama Teav’s Hot Garlic Chili Crisp. Done!

You have the option to pan-fry, steam, or boil the dumplings. While adhering to the instructions on the packaging is recommended, here are some general tips for preparation:

Boiling the dumplings: Bring water to a boil, add the dumplings, and cook until they rise to the surface and are thoroughly cooked.

Pan-frying the dumplings: This method yields a crispy base. Heat oil in a pan, arrange the dumplings, add a splash of water, and cover to steam. Once the water evaporates, allow the dumplings to fry until the bottoms turn golden. Ensure the pan is sufficiently hot before adding the dumplings to prevent sticking.

Steaming the dumplings: Utilize a steamer or makeshift steamer (a pot of boiling water with a colander on top, covered) to steam the dumplings until fully cooked.

About chili crisp

Chili crisp is a savory, spicy condiment renowned for its distinctive flavor and adaptability. Originating from Asian cuisines, it has garnered global popularity. Typically crafted from oil-infused chili peppers and crispy fried garlic, along with an array of aromatic spices, it delivers a richly flavored oil with crunchy textures and a heat spectrum ranging from mild to intense. Chili crisp is readily available in Asian supermarkets or online, with various brands offering diverse spice levels, ingredients, and flavor profiles.

You can either drizzle chili crisp over the cooked dumplings or utilize it as a dipping sauce. Some people blend it with soy sauce or vinegar to harmonize the flavors. One of my favorites is Mama Teav’s Hot Garlic Chili Crisp for its exceptional flavor straight from the jar. Alternatively, if chili crisp isn’t your preference, Karma Sauce Cosmic Dumpling Hot Sauce is another favored option. Both deliver heat without overwhelming, ideal for those with a moderate spice tolerance like mine.


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